Management and human resources

11-p1AVC Raková, a.s. aims to satisfy most customers requirements using long term professional production process know-how. In compliance with above mentioned AVC Raková, a.s. continues with effort to provide our customers with quality service and create the relations oriented to customers with the intention to extend the cooperation into partnership. AVC Raková, a.s. aims for immediate response to the market and customers requirements and with above mentioned target AVC Raková, a.s. wants to achieve maximal customers satisfaction. During last few years AVC Raková, a.s. has became a reputable international supplier of components to automotive industry.

AVC Raková, a.s. management sees development of human resources as one of the strategic tasks needed for next development of the company. Human resources policy is directed in compliance with the company strategy and business plan, i.e. with focus on cooperation with present customers, winning new projects, increasing productivity and efficiency, quality of production by skilled employees, quality training and adaptation of incoming employees, development of professional knowledge, increasing of employees motivation, improving working environments and conditions...

The company hires employees by transparent selection procedure on the base of required working qualifications.

Within the development of professional potential of employees the company provides training, adaptation, courses with target to intensify and develop professional abilities, skills and capability of employees. Motivation of the employees is realized through a motivation program with a target to provide and develop social and cultural needs of employees to support their identification with the employer’s intentions and to support their relax activities. The target is also to support initiative and activity of the employees for innovation process and qualification improvement. The company is monitoring the employees satisfaction rate every year in order to obtain feedback from employees and thus to get possibility to change and make corrective actions to improve working conditions and environment and to motivate the employees to stabilize qualified work force.


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