certThe company works with the knowledge, that the high quality of products and services is a basic condition of AVC Raková, a.s. stability and the customer’s standpoint is the decisive factor for the quality assurance.
High quality and its next improvement are ensured by the quality management system. Company started to build quality management system according to ISO 9001 standard in 1992. In February 1994 the company was certified according to ISO 9001 for the first time. In 1999 this certificate was reviewed and by extension of the quality management system by the requirements of German automotive industry AVC Raková, a.s. was certified according to VDA 6.1.

In 2006 AVC Raková, a.s. was certified according to ISO/TS 16 949: 2009 certificate from independent certification company Det Norske Veritas. The obtained certificate is clear declaration that AVC Raková, a.s. is able to keep requests of world automotive producers and other customers that request applying ISO/TS 16 949 requests. In 2006 the company was also certified according to ISO 9001: 2008 standard.

The company reaches positive results at audits from our customers. The quality management system is seen and used as an instrument to fill up our target – customer satisfaction, self prosperity and good reputation of AVC Raková, a.s. mark.


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